Injectable Packing

JAMPAK- Injectable pump and valve sealant from Teadit® combines a malleable packing material with space-age chemistry and technology to produce a superior pump and valve packing material that can be injected while the pump or valve is operating, without interrupting production.

Sealants are easily installed with any flat-bladed tool, such as a putty knife or wide-bladed screwdriver. Or, the material can be finger-packed into the box. An anti-extrusion ring of the appropriate material is placed in the stuffing box around the shaft. A second ring is put in place after the sealant is installed.

Available in two standard grades to suit a variety of applications, the sealants can be used to replace conventional compression packing in centrifugal pumps, valves and other rotating equipment where compression packings are being used.


Malleable, putty-like consistency makes it easy to use and install.

Utilizes latest chemistry and fiber technology.

Works well on worn shafts by conforming to odd shapes.

Low coefficient of friction reduces heat.

Operates virtually leak free.

Convenient packaging.


Reduces operating costs by being less costly over the life of the pump or valve.

Saves on energy consumption.

Reduces or eliminates downtime.

Extends equipment life.

Self Lubricating.

Reduces shaft and sleeve wear.

No flush required.

Available Size

10-pack stick catridges.

2.2 Lbs (1Kg)

11 Lbs (5Kg)

22 Lbs (10Kg)






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