Expanded PTFE NSF-61 Certified Packing


Drinking Water Service:

Style 2261 SAN is suitable for service with a wide variety of aggressive media, but is specifically formulated to allow compliance for drinking water system components with NSF-61, from source to tap. Certification to NSF-61 provides assurance to a highest level that Style 2261 SAN is safe for use in drinking water service.

General Service:

The packing Style 2261 SAN offers excellent performance, especially in segments of equipment for drinking water, pulp and paper, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and sugar and alcohol.


Style 2261 SAN is a firm, pliable interlock braided packing manufactured from the purest ePTFE filaments. Style 2261 SAN is manufactured by an advanced method of braiding and construction from the purest ePTFE filaments.

Packing Style 2261 SAN also has proprietary food grade lubricant that provide faster break-in and reduced shaft wear. Style 2020 complies with the F.D.A. and U.S.D.A. requirements under Title 21 Food and Drugs:

Part 177.1500 - Perflourocarbon Resins
Part 178.3570 - Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact

Due to the technological edge of its filament that contains special additive encapsulated by pure PTFE, and his constructive feature offers excellent heat dissipation, which is usually generated by the sealing system. The result is its excellent sealability, particularly when compared with PTFE packings found in international markets.

Service Limits

Temperature ºF (ºC)
Minimum -450 (-268)
Maximum 536 (280)
Pressure psi (bar)
Static -
Rotating 290 (20)
Reciprocating 435 (30)
Minimum 0
Maximum 14
Shaft Speed f/m (m/s)
3920 (20)

Approximate Yields (+/- 10%)

Size Ft/Lb 79.6 21 16.3 10.6 7.6 5.6 4.1 3.3 2.7 1.9 1.5 1.2
Inch 1/8 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16 5/8 3/4 7/8 1
Package 1 Lb (0.5kg) 2 Lbs (1kg) 5 Lbs (2kg) 10 Lbs (5kg)






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