Spiral Wound Gaskets for Oxygen Service


The Style 913M-OX spiral wound gasket is manufactured in a controlled and cleaned environment to insure the finished product is free from organic contaminants. It is typically produced from 316L stainless steel strip, inner and outer rings and high purity flexible graphite filler with oxidation inhibitors.
Flexible graphite filler typical properties:

Carbon Content (%) ≥98
Ash Content (%) ≤2
Total Chloride Content (ppm) ≤25
Total Fluoride Content (ppm) ≤10
Total Halogen Content (ppm) ≤100
Total Sulfur Content (ppm) < 300
Oxidation rate in air at 670C (%/h) ≤1
Density (g/cc) 1.0
Thickness (mm) 0.4


The specific needs of oxygen service applications were taken in consideration while developing Style 913M-OX, to make it the ideal sealing solution for such applications.


Teadit Style 913M-OX was designed for use in oxygen-type service, such as GTL environments, where fire-safe design is essential.


The material selection and the manufacturing procedure developed for this gasket allows it to have the properties needed for Oxygen service, assuring a safe operation and low leak rates.

Service Limits:

Per BAM test report number 15021776E the 913M-OX gaskets service limits are:

For gaseous oxygen:

Maximum Temperature ºF (ºC)Maximum Oxygen Pressure psi (bar)
572 (300) 3625 (250)

-For liquid oxygen:No objections with regard to technical safety.

Datasheet 913M-OX






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