Valve Stem Packing for Oxygen Service

Material Composition

Packing Style 2238-OX is composed of a high purity flexible graphite yarn with oxidation inhibitors, individually reinforced with an Inconel® 600 wire mesh. The entire process is maintained in a clean room environment from the yarn to the finished product.


The specific needs of oxygen based operations were taken in consideration while developing Style 2238-OX to make it the ideal sealing solution for oxygen service applications.


Teadit Style 2238-OX was designed for valves used in oxygen service. It is not suitable for electrolyte containing applications.


The materials selected and the manufacturing procedure developed for this packing allows for contaminate-free properties needed for oxygen service valves, while assuring a fire-safe operation and delivering low leak rates.

Service Limits

According to BAM test report 2-2950/2014 E the 2238-OX packing maximum service limits are:

For gaseous oxygen
Temperature C(F) Oxygen Pressure bar(psi)
UP TO 60(140) 210(3046)
>60(140) UP TO 300(572) 140(2030)
For liquid oxygen
No pressure limitation since compression of oxygen has no considerable influence on the reactivity of the material.
Flexible graphite yarn typical properties:
Carbon Content (%) ≥98
Ash Content (%) ≤2
Total Chlorides Content (ppm) ≤25
Total Fluorides Content (ppm) ≤10
Total Halogen Content (ppm) ≤100
Total Sulfur Content (ppm) < 300
Oxidation rate in air at 670C (%/h) ≤1

Approximate Yields (+/- 10%)

Size mm 3.2 5 6.4 8 9.5 11 12.6 14 16 19 22 25
Inch 1/8 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16 5/8 3/4 7/8 1
Package 1 Lb (0.5kg) 2 Lbs (1kg) 5 Lbs (2kg) 10 Lbs (5kg)






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