TF 1560

Restructured PTFE for Monomer Service

Description and Applications

TF 1560 is a structured PTFE - Gasket - Sheet manufactured by a unique process, which provides a high level of fibrillation to overcome the creep relaxation and cold flow problems associated with normal (skived or molded) PTFE sheets. This style is produced from virgin PTFE resin without fillers or additives.

Due to the product’s low permeability it is recommended for application where media permeation through the gasket is not acceptable. For example, monomer is polymerizing on the gasket ID eventually blocking the line and swelling the gasket. TF1560 is quick and simple to install. The gasket can be removed easily after use and without residue.

  • Restructured without filler
  • Better creep properties
  • Better torque retention
  • Low porosity PTFE resin
  • High sealability

Service Limits

Temperature ºF (ºC) Minimum: -450 (-268)
Maximum: 500 (260)
pH 0-14
Available Sheet Size 40"x40"
Thickness 1/16", 1/8", 1/4"
Color White
Physical PropertyType of TestTF1560
Sealability (ml/h) - 0.7 bar ASTM F 37A < 0.1
Creep Relaxation (%) ASTM F 38 60
Compressibility(%) ASTM F 36A 10
Recovery Min. (%) - minimum ASTM F 36A 60
Density (g/cm3) ASTM F 1315 2.15







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