Flexible Graphite, Wire Reinforced

Description and Application

Style 2000IC is manufactured from high purity flexible graphite that is expanded and formed into a weave-able yarn and then braided in a unique construction with wire reinforcement. The finished product retains all the inherent benefits of flexible graphite; while the wire reinforcement provides greater mechanical strength. Style 2000IC packing is particularly suited for use in high temperature, high pressure steam service. In addition, it can also handle most chemicals, acids and alkalis. This style is excellent for use in steam turbines, high temperature motor-actuated valves and for high pressure/high temperature valve applications in general.

Service Limit

Temperature ºF (ºC)
Minimum -464 (-240)
Maximum 840 (450)
Steam 1202 (650)
Pressure psi (bar)
Static 5800 (400)
Minimum 0
Maximum 14

Approximate Yields (+/- 10%)

Size Ft/Lb 116.3 54 30.2 19.9 13.9 10.1 8 6.3 5.2 3.6 2.7 2.2
Inch 1/8 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16 5/8 3/4 7/8 1
Package 1 Lb (0.5kg) 2 Lbs (1kg) 5 Lbs (2kg) 10 Lbs (5kg)


International Approvals* for 2000IC

Tests realized by Yarmouth Research and Technology Maine – USA

Fire Test

Qualify packing Style 2000IC for fire resistance when applied to valves subjected to direct flame.

Test Procedure

Test Parameters
Exposure time to fire - 40 minutes;
Temperature in the valve body up to 679ºC;
Allowable Leakage, pressures of the test and measurements done according to table below.

Packing Style 2000IC has successfully completed the test easily reaching the requirements of this standard.

During the 2 minutes pretest hydrostatic 0.0 0 537
During firing and cooling 0.0 60 567
During the low pressure test after firing 0.0 3 50
After the closing and opening operation 0.4 60 537

Fugitive Emission Test

To qualify packing style 2000IC for fugitive emissions in valves when subjected to thermal and mechanical cycles.

Leak detection method
“EPA method 21”.

Test Procedure
ARCO Fugitive Emission Test Specification.

Test Parameters
3 thermal cycles at room temperature and at 177ºC;
Leakage measurements are performed before and after each thermal cycle and at each 100 cycles of the shaft;
Test pressure: 645 psig (45 Kgf/cm2);
Test Fluid: Foxboro OVA128 (99% methane);
Maximum allowable leakage: 100 PPMv (if the leak allowed exceeds 100 PPMv, the sobreposta must be adjusted).

Packing 2000IC has successfully completed the test with 5 adjustments during the 3,500 cycles while maintaining leakage under 100 PPMv.

Datasheet STYLE 2000IC






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