Flexible Graphite Sheet - Mylar Film Insert


Style 2664/1664 flexible graphite sheet has pressure-temperature sealability capabilities that are far superior to all compressed fiber reinforced sheet materials. It is resistant to chemical attack by virtually all organic and inorganic fluids with the exception of concentrated, highly oxidizing acids. Gaskets cut from Style 2664/1664 flexible graphite sheet seal with low to moderate bolt loads and because of very low creep relaxation, re-torquing is rarely required. Flexible graphite conforms to irregular flange sealing surfaces and readily flows into flange irregularities enabling it to seal both smooth and coarse surface finishes.



Style 2664/1664 is a flexible graphite sheet reinforced with Mylar film, .0005” thick. The flexible graphite sheet is made from exfoliated graphite flake which is compressed into foil by a carefully controlled calendering process. In this process, the expanded flake particles are mechanically locked together without the use of fibers, binders or other additives. Sheets of graphite foil are then adhesive bonded and laminated to the required thickness with the Mylar film in the center.

Service Limits

Temperature ºF (ºC) Continuous Service: -328 (-200)
Maximum Service:

In air: 842 (450)

In steam: 1202 (650)

In reducing or inert media: 5432 (3000)

Availability 39 x 39 in
60 x 60 in
Thickness 1/64"*, 3/32"*, 1/32", 3/16"*, 1/16", 1/8", 1/4"

*thickness available upon request

Typical Physical Properties:
Density 62.4 lb/ft3
Compressibility - Tested under 5000 psi 40%
Recovery - Tested under 5000 psi 18%
Tensile Strength Across Grain 650 psi
Creep Relaxation 5%
Compressive Strenght 20,000 psi
Carbon Content 98% minimum
Total Sulfur ≤750 ppm maximum
Leachable Chlorides < 30 ppm maximum

Datasheet GR2664_1664







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