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Valve World Asia 2015

The Valve World Expo & Conference 2015 was recently held, September 23rd & 24th in Suzhou, China. Teadit® Asia had a booth at the Expo which saw over 7000 registered attendees that were looking for the latest product technologies for the process industries (oil & gas), petrochemical, chemical, onshore & offshore and power generation markets. The conference brought together presentations on the Wednesday Sealing & Fugitive Emissions such as "Valve Sealing Research & Development Equipment" which was presented by Ron Walters, Teadit® NA and co-authored with Carlos Girão from Teadit® India & Luiz Paulo from Teadit® Brazil Group. On Thursday's Fugitive Emissions Workshop, Ron Walters with Teadit® NA presented "What Makes A Good Fugitive Emissions Packing for New Valves and Used Existing Site Valves." This marks the 2nd Valve World Asia Conference that the Teadit® Group has had presenters and exhibits in.










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