STYLE 2006

Expanded PTFE Yarn, FDA Approved (Lubricated)

Description and Application

Teadit ® packing style 2006 FDA is diagonally braided from a newly developed expanded PTFE yarn, filled with highly refined mineral filler particles, treated with FDA-conform mineral oil.

2006 close

It is very malleable and supple packing with low coefficient of friction, hardly any shaft wear. The filler particles inside the yarn enhance the heat transfer properties as well as lubricant absorption and retention over a longer period. Excellent chemical resistance. Easy to install, needs little gland adjustments. Conforms to FDA regulations.

Style 2006 FDA can be used in rotary pumps, piston pumps, agitators, mixers, sliders and valves in all kinds of industry. The chemical inertness of PTFE makes this packing suitable for use with nearly all fluids, including the most corrosive acids and alkalis, while the FDA conformity allows for use with foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and potable water.

It is not suitable for molten alkali metals and fluorine compounds at high temperature and pressure, oxygen.

The extremely low coefficient of friction of PTFE, combined with the heat-transmitting properties of the filler material, allows higher shaft speeds than with conventional PTFE packings. Because of the dense structure and malleability of style 2006 FDA, superior sealability can be achieved with minimum gland pressure, this results in unsurpassed low leakage rates coupled with longer packing life. FDA conformity.

Please note: the colour of the actual product might vary from the above image on this data-sheet.

Service Limits

Temperature (ºC)
Minimum -100
Maximum 280
Pressure (bar)
Rotating 20
Reciprocating 30
Minimum 0
Maximum 14
Shaft Speed (m/s)
Maximum 12




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