STYLE 2236

Flexible Graphite with Inconel Wire, Low Emission

Description and Application

The new TEADIT® packing Style 2236 is made from layers of flexible graphite tape plied into compact strands; each individual filament is reinforced with an Inconel wire jacket. This yarn is then treated in a special process and braided to form a dense yet malleable packing, which is subsequently treated with lubricating agents to reduce stem friction and a corrosion inhibitor to prevent pitting (Inconel is a registered trademark of International Co.). TEADIT® Style 2236 is a special valve packing which assures extremely low emission, especially designed for high pressure and high temperature service. It is self-lubricating, non hardening, dimensionally stable and easy to install. The Inconel wire mesh covering makes this packing highly resistant to extrusion, the advanced construction assures supreme leakage control and highest integrity in service.

Typical applications for style 2236 include all the valves where LOW EMISSION is a must. This packing is suitable for VOC and VHAP emission regulations and exceeds TA-Luft requirements. It is designed for steam applications, Teadit style 2236 can also be used with most chemicals and gases.

It is not suitable for highly oxidizing agents at high temperature.

It has high mechanical and thermal stability; chemically inert within pH range 0-14; quick and easy to install; low friction, special lubricating system; corrosion inhibitor.

Please note: the colour of the actual product might vary from the above image on this data-sheet.

  • Certified Low-Leakage Packing Technology
  • TA-Luft approved
  • Suitable to VOC and VHAP emissions regulation
  • Environmentally friendly valve stem packing with extreme emissions control
  • API 622
  • API 607
  • ISO 15848

Service Limits

Temperature (ºC)
Minimum -240
Maximum 455
Steam 650
Pressure (bar)
Static 450
Minimum 0
Maximum 14

App Torque Key

Torque calculation

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International Approvals* for 2236

Tests conducted by Yarmouth Research and Technology Maine – USA

Fire Test


Qualify packing Style 2236 for fire resistance when used in valves subjected to direct flame.

Test Procedure



Packing 2236 has successfully passed the test reaching the requirements of this standard with ease.

Fugitive Emission Test


To qualify packing style 2236 for low fugitive emissions in valves when subjected to thermal and mechanical cycles. Leak detection method "EPA method 21".

Test Parameters

5 thermal cycles at room temperature and up to 260°C. Leak measurements performed before and after each thermal cycle and every 100 cycles of the stem.

Test Pressure: 600 psig (42 Kgf/cm2).


Packing 2236 reached the best results in fugitive emissions control averaging 2 PPMv without any adjustment of the gland. It outperformed all competitor products in the test performed in the Yarmouth Research and Technology, in Maine/USA, as shown in the graphs below.











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