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Since the revision of the calculation standard EN1591 (2014 version), pressure has strongly increased to improve certain parameters by the manufacturers of PTFE sheets and gaskets. The revised version of this standard demands substantially improved mechanical material properties for successful flange calculations. In particular, the flow behavior has a great influence on the calculations as well as on the maximum permissible surface pressure. The significant improvement in the new Teadit 30 SH ePTFE gasket sheet is credited to a much more homogeneous and considerably finer fibrillation. The VCI (German Chemical Industry Association) guideline for flange assemblies requires Appendix C“ a minimum PQR value of 0,45 (under maximum operating temperature). On this basis, Teadit  30 SH meets the requirement with a maximum permissible operating temperature for PTFE i.e. 260°C. Filled restructured PTFE materials, as well as other expanded PTFE sheets simply cannot keep up with these requirements. The strategic improvements of the...
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Sealing product engineering specialists James Walker and Teadit have signed an Enterprise Framework Agreement with Shell Global Solutions International B.V. to supply the gasket requirements of all Shell and Shell joint venture sites in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Australia, Canada and South America. The contract covers an initial 5 year period with an option to extend for another five. In addition to supplying gaskets for the nominated areas James Walker & Teadit will provide Shell with a secondary source of supply across the remaining areas of the globe as well as meeting the sealing requirements for new projects throughout the company’s upstream and downstream operations. In addition, the two suppliers will provide ancillary products such as compression packing, expansion joints, pipe grips and flange management services on a global basis. The James Walker and Teadit partnership provides complementary geographical manufacturing and support locations and a combined product range that...
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