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Is the ePTFE-tape TEADIT 24B also available for temperatures above 270°C?

No, 270°C is the temperature limit for all PTFE products. Temperature peaks up to a maximum of 310°C are permissible, but only for very short periods! Teadit has developed a special graphite tape - Teadit style 3110 and 3110/I - as a flange and/or lid seal for applications with temperatures exceeding the 270°C barrier of PTFE. This very versatile gasket tape can be used for temperatures up to 650°C in steam applications. Please check the data sheet for more details.

Is Teadit 24 B resistant against concentrated acids?

Yes, Teadit 24B is resistant against nearly all chemicals. The only exceptions are molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at high temperature and pressure.

Can one use the less expensive Teadit 24 B in place of the dearer 25 BI?

Because the two materials behave different under load, Teadit 25 BI can solve sealing problems which cannot be solved with Teadit 24 B. One could almost say that “25BI begins to work where 24B stops (starts to fail)”. See our expanded PTFE catalogue or send detailed enquiry.

Can one use the Teadit packing style 2007 for applications in the paint?

NO, because the packing is impregnated with silicone oil. Teadit has special packings for these applications which contain no silicone, e.g. style 2000, 2022, 2005FDA, 2006FDA, 2044, 2777.

Can Teadit packing style 2007 be used for waste water applications in sewage plants?

This depends on the application within the plant. Waste water may contain a lot of abrasive solids which could damage the packing. For those cases we recommend the use of a "heavy duty" packing like Teadit styles 2070, 2044 or similar.

Can a gasket cut from a non-asbestos fibre sheet be re-used after a maintenance inspection?

This is not advisable for different reasons. These kind of materials are bound by some kind of rubber, and this rubber does harden with temperature and time. The gasket loses its malleability and therefore its ability to seal. A new gasket should be installed after every maintenance inspection.

Can a gasket with a metal eyelet be re-used?

No, under no circumstances. A once compressed gasket loses nearly all elasticity and would not seal anymore. Always use a new gasket.

Can a graphite gasket, cut from a sheet, be used with a temperature of 550°C?

Yes, if it is a steam application. The temperature limit for graphite for dry applications is app. 450°C. If oxygen can be excluded (i.e. use of an inert gas like Nitrogen) graphite can withstand temperatures of over 1000°C (up to 3000°C).

Can TEADIT JAMPAK be used in place of all conventional packing applications?

No, it is not as simple as that. Jampak and the Seal-Cage System was designed for special applications. The shaft diameter, the operating temperature and the chemical characteristics of the medium are deciding criteria if Jampak can be used successfully or not. The biggest advantage of the Jampak System is the fact, that leakage can be stopped (reduced to an acceptable level) by injecting more Jampak sealant WITHOUT having to interrupt the production process!! Repacking of the pump – which becomes necessary with conventional packing after the leakage cannot be reduced to an acceptable level anymore – can be avoided or at least deferred until the next scheduled maintenance stop. You will find more details in our Jampak literature.





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